We Are Living in Clown World…

A new book titled The Protocol That Kills is now available on Amazon written by Rob Skiba’s widow where it makes the case of institutional mass murder with covid 19 as the cover. There’s more to this because I’ve unveiled what I don’t believe are merely coincidences that go back to events in the family which coincide with events in the political realm…


Earmarks of a Massive Conspiracy…

There’s a new book out written by the wife of Rob Skiba titled The Protocol That Kills. The book gives a detailed account of Rob Skiba’s last days on earth where he was given treatment due to contracting covid 19 that was not meant to heal but to kill. Apparently this protocol is still in place and it demonstrates a diabolical deal with pure evil.

There’s more than meets the eye specifically about Rob Skiba’s case because about the time I discovered his YouTube work in early 2017 was close to the time my Dad was diagnosed with FTD (fronto-temporal dementia). If you remember there was also all the Russia Russia Russia political chaos going on as well.

How I discovered Rob Skiba’s work was when I was researching a topic that was gaining steam on the internet — the flat earth conspiracy. When I first heard about this, I thought it was a joke but the more I looked into it I realized there are a growing number of people who believe it.

Soon after the beginning of my research on the topic I discovered Rob Skiba’s videos and I also discovered his work on the nephilim — another topic I was also new to.

Now there are a series of events that look to me that could be evidence of a massive conspiracy to what Rob Skiba went through in his last days on earth that very well may connect to events in my family and the political realm.

I’ve already mentioned I discovered Rob Skiba’s work around the time my Dad was diagnosed with FTD. Well 6 days before the death of Rob Skiba, Joe Biden was in Elk Grove Village, IL where I was born and raised promoting the C19 vaccine. Rob Skiba was known to be anti-vax. That alone is majorly something that would make you go — huh. However, the date Rob Skiba passed away was 1 year ago after Donald Trump Jr was in Woodstock IL–where I currently live. Furthermore, my Dad took a fall the day before.

If you remember, the Hunter Biden laptop from hell? News about that came the day or so after Don Jr was in Woodstock and many social media accounts dissecting information from an infamous Intel board were taken down including my YouTube account.

About a month after the democrats finished stealing the election, the final drop on the Intel board came down. The next day, my Dad passed away. 10 months later Rob Skiba passed away 6 days after Biden is in the town where I grew up and 1 year after Don Jr was where I currently live.

I cannot get past any of this without thinking these are earmarks of a massive conspiracy.¬† This is only scratching the surface; there’s more info to dissect. The following video does go into more information…