Cubs-Braves postponed game to honor Jackie Robinson playing today…

Ok there are way too many coincidences and connections today for this not to be all planned out. Lets get started and list a few of them.

1. 70 years ago today the State of Israel is recognized by the UN.

2. Today the United States moves its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

3. Cubs and Braves are playing a rescheduled game today that was postponed on April 15 where every player is wearing the number 42, the number Jackie Robinson wore when he played for the Dodgers.

I found it stramge that Trump decided to move the US embassy to Jerusalem to begin with, but then I saw that it was happening today on the anniversary of Israel becoming a state and now realize there’s more than meets the eye.

Now I’m watching the Cubs playing the Braves and every player is wearing the number 42. The reason for this is its a makeup day from April 15 when Major League Baseball honors Jackie Robinson for breaking down the racial barrier.

There’s so much here I can talk about. Obviously, 42 is significant biblically but also personally as most who know me know I played in a band called 42 Faces.

Now consider the racial component and cities involved in the game. Atlanta and Chicago have deep connections with civil rights. Toss Israel into the mix and you have the connection with slavery with the ancient Hebrews.

Fast forward and certainly there is a connection with how the relationship amongst the Nazis and the Jews correlated with slave owners and black slaves. Both relationships resulted in war.

It seems to me that those that are pulling the strings are doing it in such a way that very few are able to discern their actions…

Another Great NIU Achievement, But I Have Something to Say About it…

NIU dance ensemble will be performing in the National College Dance Festival at the JFK Center for Performing Arts in Washington, DC on June 9.

They were recognized as the top dance program in the Midwest after winning a competition in Champaign. Funny that it was also the NIU robotics team that won a regional competition in Champaign, but I digress.

What caught my attention after reading about this was what the dance itself portrays. The instructor choreagraphed the dance, ENUF, based on violence against minorities after hearing about a black individual getting shot by white police officers.

I myself get infuriated when anything is taken out of context, but I’m sorry I went to NIU and I know what this is all about. This is something from the deep state and its designed to re-energize some individuals who may feel like they are winning again when they are the real losers.

The universities are the incubators for socialist progressivism and my alma mater is a Major Incubator. I will keep my eye on this and it will be interesting if Trump mentions it at all…

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My Alma Mater is Much Bigger than Anyone Really Knows…

Among his many jobs in Washington, D.C., Cline was special assistant to former President George H.W. Bush and was the communication link between the president and all 50 governors in that role. He was also the director of congressional affairs for the U.S. Department of Transportation.”

If people took the time to examine NIU and all the connections to the New World Order, I think they’d be surprised how much influence that school has on much of what has happened “globally”. I certainly am amazed what I keep finding out about that place that took me 6 years to get my piece of paper.

Let me underscore, it is NOT your typical directional school. However, it also demonstrates in my mind a disconnect between many students that go/went there and those that have achieved more than the “average” alum.

It also causes one to consider that education can only direct the individual to the path of their success, not actually provide it.

I took a political science course as an elective and I think I might have chosen it as a major if I thought I can do something other than teach or run for office. If I knew there was going to be a youtube, it’s probably the route I would have taken. Hindsight is 20/20…

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I Want the Truth But This is Way Worse Than Anything I Can Imagine…

I just heard the most disturbing story I think that involves anyone that’s ever been in the public spotlight. If this is true every patriot must drop everything and demand justice.

Many of us know about a tape involving Hillary Clinton and a child. What this person in the video attached to the linked article is saying is much more disgusting than what many of us already thought to be a completely heinous act of vile inhumanity to the gazillionith degree.

Well, if true and I must emphasize TRUE, this new information can only make one wonder if eternal damnation in the lake of fire is punishment enough.

I only watched a portion of the video that contained only commentary. As much as I want to know the truth, I don’t want to see the truth. Just hearing about this caused me to tear up. If grown veterans of law enforcement were crying over this then it may do something worse to me.

I copied and pasted the following as a public service:

WARNING – DO NOT search for this tape or you will be arrested for pedophilia. The woman reporting this goes by the Twitter handle @treghostgirl as shown below.

During the livestream she claims to get several confirmations that this Hillary Huma rape tape / sprit cooking tape is REAL!

Supposedly people have to go into therapy if they see it. I don’t want to see it! I don’t know if it’s real but we should all pray the comes out NOW!

If it’s true then pray Hillary and Huma are immediately arrested for murder!

Hopefully we will get more confirmations in the next 24 hours.

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Somehow This Slipped Below My Radar…

Apparently last month there was another merger involving Grubhub. On March 20th, Grubhub took on Yelp’s delivery service called Eat24 in a $288 million deal. I don’t understand all the details, but what I do know as a driver and someone who worked in food delivery operations, that this isn’t a good deal for drivers or consumers.

Whenever a billionaire CEO uses nonsensical logic for justifying a deal that will create more chaos than order, then it must be understood that there is something bigger on the other side of the deal.

My hypothesis, that is based on history repeating itself, is the endgame is for Google to have control of all these companies.

You have to remember that AI technology is the driving force behind the GIG economy. Who controls AI? Clowns in America. Those who follow QAnon know exactly what I’m talking about…

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Dakila Scientific Research is Apparently Fraudulent…

So apparently this group that “proved” the convex earth are complete frauds. I kinda knew their conclusion that the earth is an asteroid floating in space was nonsense.

However, their experiments appeared to be legit and I agree with some in the community. You can throw the bad out and keep the good.

I say why not repeat the experiments to prove the earth is not a globe, or prove that it is a globe…

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Here’s Something For Truthers — Why Don’t You Look Into Larry Norman…

Larry Norman tells a story where when he was in the group People! they performed an elongated song called, The Epic. At the time they were touring with The Who. He claimed that Pete Townshend was backstage watching and that song was the inspiration for The Who’s rock opera Tommy.

If true, this kind of information just makes my head spin like the girl in “The Exorcist.” You see I have been researching all kinds of information related to our government and child abuse of various forms. Pete Townshend himself has stated he has been a victim of child abuse.

Larry Norman may be one of the most compelling figures in the 20th century that VERY FEW talk about.

Whenever I get around to writing my book that unmasks the illuminati, you dam better believe there will be something about Larry Norman in it…

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Did Jesus Exist…

Being that it is Passion Week, I figured it be a good time to write down what my thoughts are regarding the most prominent figure in history in my opinion.

There are many atheists that believe not only was Jesus not God Incarnate, but that he didn’t even exist. As a Christian, for most of the early part of my life I took it for granted that Jesus did exist because the New Testament proclaimed that not only did He exist, but that “All things were made through Him” John 1:3 and “He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End” Revelation 22:13.

As I matured, I realized blind faith was not the way to go. Even the Apostle Paul writes “Prove all things; hold fast to which is good.” 1 Thessalonians 5:21.

So I read some of what Josephus, who was a Jewish Roman historian during the 1st century. In a latter writing, he verified the existence of Jesus “who is called Messiah” in reference with his brother James. In earlier writings, there was a paragraph, that most academic scholars believed was altered, however they consider most of it historical narrative based on the fact Josephus did mention Jesus “who is called Messiah” in a latter writing.

Other extra-biblical texts exist prominently including works by Tacitus and Lucian. The link to article below goes into more detail regarding the extra-biblical texts about Jesus of Nazareth.

Does it prove that Jesus existed. I think that faith still holds a prominent place in humanity and that we are meant to continue to prove everything we read in God’s Word…

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Q Antarctica Mega Memes…

The truth about Antarctica which relates to multiple conspiracies is now being looked at after a recent mega-meme drop from Q. Antarctica is one of the mysteries I have actually been looking at for years after watching a program called “Unsealed Alien Files.” This is where I first heard about Admiral Richard Byrds’ expeditions to the North and South Poles known as Operation Highjump and Operation Deep Freeze.

Now the video provided below goes into describing what some believe to be the Hollow Earth theory. Many believed this to be true and I also think possibly Tesla believed this based on some of his other hypotheses and discoveries regarding the Earth’s harnessible electromagnetism.

What’s also interesting is the National Science Foundation logo is shown with a comparable logo from a company based in the UK known as “Canada Goose”. So what is significant about that. The National Science Foundation is one of the major financial backers of the WISSARD program with 2 NIU professors leading several expeditions studying the ROSS ice shelf. If you are familiar with the NIU campus, you would know the East Lagoon is a haven for Canadian geese.

Is it just a coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidences when they pile up the way they have been piling up. The Q crumbs are really starting to show major connections to what I’ve been looking at.

Now if Q is for real, which many believe is true, then it’s apparent that we are going to see some crazy stuff in the mainstream media because they cannot continue to ignore the inevitable disclosure of the false alien narrative which is what they will push, but those of us who understand God’s Word know the truth…

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