The Hidden Truth About to be Exposed…

The whole russian narrative has been a facade to divert the public from the fact that 2 DNC insiders were found murdered after information was leaked to wikileaks. I think we are seeing the beginning of the draining of the swamp. It seems to be correlating with the new Obamagate scandal which isnt new but it appears to more than coincide with information regarding hidden facts of who leaked the DNC emails to wikileaks. This really does feel like a Grisham novel being played out in reality. Full disclosure, I’ve never read a novel by John Grisham. It may be a good idea to comb through more of these emails to get the unfiltered truth…


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I have a degree in technology from Northern Illinois University. I have experience working in operations, technical drawing, food delivery, and ride sharing. I've also been involved in the music industry in both cover and original bands playing the bass.

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