Astronomical Biblical Signs…

So if we take the article and the videos in the article seriously, God is giving us, His followers, 40 days to repent as it follows similar timelines to Moses, Jonah, and Christ. What I find interesting is September 23rd falls on the first day of the last week within these 40 days. September 23rd is when some kind of astronomical event takes place that many believe is related to Revelation 12. It also happens around the time when Cern goes on full power. Scripture tells us there will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars before the return of Christ. The 4 blood moon lunar eclipses will have have preceded 2 solar eclipses that criss cross through the United States and a major prophecy involving the stars and what also could possibly be the opening of the abyss perhaps will occur 30-35 days after the first solar eclipse. I would say for sure God is sending a direct message to His people to repent…


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