More on the Florida Shooting…

We are now seeing media reports on crisis actors and multiple shooters. I now think it was a staged event orchestrated through MKUltra, Operation Mockingbird, and Satanic ritual abuse. The fingerprints are clear to see. I also see how this correlates to events of the past–JFK Shooting, MLK Jr shooting, Columbine massacre, 9-11, Virginia Tech, NIU, and Sandy Hook to name a few. When the events are isolated they don’t mean a whole lot. However, when you put them altogether they demonstrate how the illuminati has been working tirelessly to take total control of all the world. It’s not simply about just militarily taking over, it’s also about gaining control of the hearts and minds of the people. I’ve provided links to 2 videos with Timothy Holmseth. I started following his videos on youtube about a month after I started following others discussing Qanon posts. He has tied the Florida shooting to a shadow government international human trafficking and baby sales operation. Let me just say you are not getting the truth from the mainstream media…

Link to Video

Link to Video

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