Definitive Proof Trump And Q Are Working Together…

I’ve been following Q anon videos on Youtube and I now can verify that the POTUS is working with an individual that has high security clearance access to intelligence known as Q. The post on an 8chan board, with many posts from Q that started about 4 months ago interacting with various anons, yesterday at 4:45 EST preceded a speech with Trump about the North Korea matter regarding a meeting with Kim Jong Un. In the Q post, the first line contained the following words:

“Set the STAGE” – POTUS

Later, in Trump’s speech, he made a clear hand gesture which resembled the letter Q while stating “we really have SET THE STAGE.”

There have been other instances, but this is clearly more than an indication. We are for the first time in my life watching individuals that used to hide in the shadows giving the public the truth of what many have suspected for several decades. This is definitely not about who is in the White House as much as it is about restoring our Constitutional Republic…

Link to Video

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