Q Antarctica Mega Memes…

The truth about Antarctica which relates to multiple conspiracies is now being looked at after a recent mega-meme drop from Q. Antarctica is one of the mysteries I have actually been looking at for years after watching a program called “Unsealed Alien Files.” This is where I first heard about Admiral Richard Byrds’ expeditions to the North and South Poles known as Operation Highjump and Operation Deep Freeze.

Now the video provided below goes into describing what some believe to be the Hollow Earth theory. Many believed this to be true and I also think possibly Tesla believed this based on some of his other hypotheses and discoveries regarding the Earth’s harnessible electromagnetism.

What’s also interesting is the National Science Foundation logo is shown with a comparable logo from a company based in the UK known as “Canada Goose”. So what is significant about that. The National Science Foundation is one of the major financial backers of the WISSARD program with 2 NIU professors leading several expeditions studying the ROSS ice shelf. If you are familiar with the NIU campus, you would know the East Lagoon is a haven for Canadian geese.

Is it just a coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidences when they pile up the way they have been piling up. The Q crumbs are really starting to show major connections to what I’ve been looking at.

Now if Q is for real, which many believe is true, then it’s apparent that we are going to see some crazy stuff in the mainstream media because they cannot continue to ignore the inevitable disclosure of the false alien narrative which is what they will push, but those of us who understand God’s Word know the truth…

Link to Video

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