Cubs-Braves postponed game to honor Jackie Robinson playing today…

Ok there are way too many coincidences and connections today for this not to be all planned out. Lets get started and list a few of them.

1. 70 years ago today the State of Israel is recognized by the UN.

2. Today the United States moves its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

3. Cubs and Braves are playing a rescheduled game today that was postponed on April 15 where every player is wearing the number 42, the number Jackie Robinson wore when he played for the Dodgers.

I found it stramge that Trump decided to move the US embassy to Jerusalem to begin with, but then I saw that it was happening today on the anniversary of Israel becoming a state and now realize there’s more than meets the eye.

Now I’m watching the Cubs playing the Braves and every player is wearing the number 42. The reason for this is its a makeup day from April 15 when Major League Baseball honors Jackie Robinson for breaking down the racial barrier.

There’s so much here I can talk about. Obviously, 42 is significant biblically but also personally as most who know me know I played in a band called 42 Faces.

Now consider the racial component and cities involved in the game. Atlanta and Chicago have deep connections with civil rights. Toss Israel into the mix and you have the connection with slavery with the ancient Hebrews.

Fast forward and certainly there is a connection with how the relationship amongst the Nazis and the Jews correlated with slave owners and black slaves. Both relationships resulted in war.

It seems to me that those that are pulling the strings are doing it in such a way that very few are able to discern their actions…

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