Cahokia was part of the Old World Order equal to the New World Order…

The Metro East area opposite to where St. Louis exists along the Mississippi River was once a thriving metropolis and at one time was larger than London in the same time period.

About 1000 years ago, the city of the sun known as Cahokia, resembled many other ancient civilizations around the world. The mounds scattered around the area resemble pyramids cut off about a quarter way up from the ground. These earthen structures were made from the dirt and said to be shaped with primitive tools. There is no reason not to believe the viewed time period because if they were older they probably wouldn’t exist due to erosion. However, I tend to think they may have been built with more advanced technology because I find it hard to believe any society would spend 300 years to build any structure.

I think the folks at ancient aliens or anyone interested in nephilim technology should look into this because you got everything that makes up a society with regards to politics, economics, and culture thought to be more advanced than other civilizations that followed in the same general area. There’s also evidence of ritual abuse with discovery of one of the escovated mounds being a mass grave of mostly younger adult females. In addition, there is apparent esoteric knowledge on some of the pottery and artistry. The ritual abuse and esoteric symbology is reminiscent of some of what is displayed in our culture today.

I also think from a biblical and spiritual perspective that this is evidence of the seed war that started in Genesis 3 because you have the same kind of symbology with the serpent and the sun. There is also artwork that includes a cross inside a circle that was shown in the short movie that they play inside the museum at the site. It could be evidence that Christian missionaries explored the area and minstered to the people before European explorers and Jesuits got there and contaminated whatever existed prior to that.

One thing I can say for sure, the state of Illinois throughout is much more compelling and complex than people up in Chicago even know or want to know…

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