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On February 21, of this year Evangelist Billy Graham passed away. He is credited with leading millions to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. He conducted hundreds if not thousands of crusades around the world of which many were nationally televised. He met with Presidents and other world leaders including the Pope. He was known as “America’s Pastor.”

Now there does appear to be evidence of Billy Graham having a dark side and anyone can go to YouTube searching for videos that do show this evidence. For one thing he is quoted on Larry King after being asked the question regarding the straight and narrow way to Heaven as only being through Jesus Christ–His words are “I don’t judge…” Technically, he would be correct, however, if someone is truly a minister of the Gospel, just quote John 14:6 and you still would not be the Judge. I also saw a video that had him in a sleeve of a book about freemasonry. He would have to be a high level mason to be mentioned in the sleeve. There are some that have stated he was a 33rd degree mason which would make him a luciferian. If this is true, you don’t have to be the Judge to know he will not be in Heaven.

On November 30, 3 days ago, the 41st President George Herbert Walker Bush passed away. He was a pilot in the Navy during World War 2, a member of Congress, an ambassador to the U.N., Director of the CIA, and Vice President before becoming President. He had 40 years of public service and was well respected on the world stage.

However, just like Billy Graham, there’s more to the story. While attending Yale, he was in the skull and bones fraternity which has a notorious past. Like freemasonry, its a secret society where rituals are performed that most people are simply unaware. Bush is also linked to the Franklin Affair sex scandal where you can find out more info linked here:

Franklin Affair Coverup Explained

Now there is another aspect to this that I find interesting but others may not. On February 14 of this year I released a music video that was supposed to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the NIU shooting at Cole Hall. Well, that same day the Parkland Florida shooting occurred. Seven days later, Billy Graham passes away. On November 22 of this year I release another video of a different version of the same song. Now this was the 55th anniversary of the JFK assassination. Now I’ve done some research on numerology and most won’t see it but if you are aware of numerology it ought to smack you in the face.

2+1+4 = 7

1+2+5 = 8

The NIU/Parkland shootings happen on 2-14 and those numbers add up to 7. Billy Graham dies 7 days later.

JFK assassination occurs on 11-22, 55 years ago this Thanksgiving. Leaving out the 2nd repeating number which is done frequently in numerology and your left with 1,2,5 which add up to 8. George Herbert Walker Bush dies 8 days after Thanksgiving this year. This is no coincidence.

What’s interesting is the 2 versions of the same song is based on the scripture John 14:6. I’m not saying I’m a prophet but it is clear to me that God is trying to send a message to His people and those who are still asleep…

The Way Truth and Life (PUV)

The Way Truth and Life

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