Many have discussed how under Trump the Middle East was mostly peaceful. Well, actually what happened was the hammer was put down on ISIS and the US Embassy was moved to Jerusalem. This enabled negotiations to occur via the Abraham Accords where no one thought there could be an agreement between Israel and other Arab nations brokered by the United States. Well the progress we saw under Trump has been decimated by weak Biden policies and the rise of Anti-Jew rhetoric also has begun to rear its ugly head again. Let me be clear, I recognize the difference between the Satanic Zionist Synagogue and the Nation of Israel. What also must be understood is they both exist simultaneously in the holy land…

In the 60s, we saw feminists burn their bras in defiance of the patriarchy. I would like to see people burn their masks in defiance of autocratic scientism. We have given the labcoats too long of a leash to get away with practicing pseudo-science. Many lives were destroyed because those we believe are actually practicing actual science that is peer-reviewed are actually practicing wizardry and witchcraft. As someone that holds a bachelor of science degree from a nationally accredited university, it offends me deeply that someone that is charged with overseeing institutional medical science at the highest level in the federal government can lie to the general public and be given millions of tax dollars. On top of that, the top foreign competition, China, is at the root of the origin of this virus with Dr. Fauci’s fingerprints all over it. If they wanted to spawn a revolution, I can’t think of a better way than how this plandemic was rolled out…

Regional & Local

Arizona’s Audit is spawning new pushes for audits in other states. Wisconsin and Michigan are 2 states to watch as one county in Michigan may have been what triggered all the other audits because it was a county that no one that lived there believed Biden actually won. Arizona will be known for being the first state to conduct an audit. However, in little Antrim County an error rate of 68% was seen back in December which then triggered a judge to reveal the information. I like Mike Lindell, but don’t believe all the hype regarding Trump being reinstated in August. What’s more plausible is for all these audits to be done to show how the election was stolen and for those in LOCAL governments, where elections are supposed to be conducted, to repair and rectify the election systems at the precinct level. If you expect the criminals at the top to fix the system, well that is exactly what has happened and it will continue…

The city of Chicago currently may be the worst run city if it weren’t for New York City. One issue makes it one of the worst run cities over the last few decades–Gun violence. One of the worst ideas was to disarm the people which only gave criminals peace of mind and put fear into the hearts of innocent people. Now in some of the rougher neighborhoods, violence is a way of life. I’ve been in these neighborhoods and most people are decent. However, it’s the small percentage of violent criminals that wreak havoc because they don’t generally fear the general population because they know most law abiding citizens are disarmed. Even if guns were allowed again, most still probably wouldn’t carry, because of the stigma attached to them. With all the people escaping Chicago right now, I think what can only save Chicago is for 2nd amendment advocates to invade the city and infiltrate the neighborhoods to reverse the poisonous anti-gun dogma that has a foothold on the Windy City…

Science & Technology

This article is a detailed account that questions the official narrative regarding Covid 19’s origin occurring at a wet market. It goes into how gain of function research actually was happening in Wuhan and that Covid 19 does appear to have had spiked proteins early on in the timeline after the transmission to humans that give more evidence of lab creation over natural occurring origin. The article I included in the Geo-Political section is more about how we are now getting a 180 degree difference from what was stated a year ago. This article goes into more scientific depth and it gives the reader multiple pathways of origin of Covid 19, something we haven’t been given by those that are put in charge or by those in the media…

We are less than a month from supposed government disclosure regarding UFOs and this article comes into view. If you have followed my work, you should see that this kind of information is nothing new. It was early in 2015 that scientists from the WISSARD program, funded by NASA and the National Science Foundation, discovered life under the ice in Antarctica. For me, the timing of this is too peculiar. We are about to get disclosure from the government and they now want us to believe life may exist on Europa. People need to start connecting the dots that are obvious…

Finance & Entertainment

LA Marzulli re-released an edited version of his first documentary where he interviewed UFO observers. He did this because he believes the coming great deception described in scripture are the fallen ones returning and with disclosure imminent he wants Christians to understand what is really happening. I don’t agree with LA on everything, but I can see a managed agenda happening and I do think our government is working with interdimensional beings good and bad, aka angels and demons. I do believe white hats, good guys, are working with angels and black hats, bad guys, are working with demons. The deception could include the demons, or fallen angels, returning similar to what happened in Genesis 6 but they will come as “saviors” and appear as extra-terrestrials similar to Close Encounters of the Third Kind…

If you are bored or have extra time on your hands click the link above.

In the end, we will win…

Scripture of the Month…

May this water that brings a curse enter your stomach and cause your belly to swell and your thigh to shrivel.

Then the woman is to say, ‘Amen, Amen…’

Numbers 5:22

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I have a degree in technology from Northern Illinois University. I have experience working in operations, technical drawing, food delivery, and ride sharing. I've also been involved in the music industry in both cover and original bands playing the bass.

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