I Just Went Through The Calm Before The Storm…

On September 16 2017, I was in Lincoln Nebraska attending the NIU at Nebraska game. Nebraska is known as BIG RED and I was sitting in a middle section in the south end zone. Before the game started I remember the President of NIU walking pass me up the stands towards the south end zone box. In the first quarter NIU scored two defensive touchdowns in the south end zone right in front of me. NIU ended up winning the game 21-17 and it was 42 days before the first drop on the intel board.

On October 6 2017, President Trump announces the calm before the storm.

On February 14 2018, I uploaded a video in the morning to commemorate the NIU shooting from 10 years earlier. Later in the day was the Parkland Florida shooting where Anthony Rizzo went to High School.

On February 22 2018, President Trump gave a cryptic message “I hear you”

On May 14 2018, I uploaded a video containing the scripture at the end of it–Ephesians 6:12

On May 20 2018, a drop on the intel board contained 2 scriptures–Ephesians 6:10-18 and 1 Corithians 13:4-8a

On August 15 2018, another drop with scriptures containing 1 Corithians 13:12 and Ephesians 6:10-18. Couple this with the May 20 drop and it’s hard not to notice something.

On April 30 2019, Robin Bullock prophesied about an epidemic trying to develop in the world.

On August 10 2019, Jeffrey Epstein dies in his cell the same day Bill and Hillary Clinton attended a memorial service in Arlington Heights just down the road from where I was living.

On January 18 2020, I delivered food to St Alexius Hospital Emergency Room in Hoffman Estates, 2 days later the 2nd known US covid case is in the same location.

On March 21 2020, I was given 10 days to renew a lease for where I was living in Palatine. A few days earlier I was online looking at apartments which included in Woodstock.

On September 11 2020, I was in NYC.

On September 12 2020, I was in DC.

On October 12 2020, I received a text from my Mom that my Dad took a fall at the facility. This day is an infamous date for the family for another reason.

On October 13 2020, Donald Trump Jr was in Woodstock for an event related to the 2020 election.

On October 15 2020, dozens of YouTube channels including mine were taken down that were tracking information from the intel insider in the midst of the New York Post story about the Hunter Biden laptop.

On December 8 2020 the final Q drop on the Intel board was a video of Patriots to the song by Twisted Sister — “We’re Not Gonna Take It”

On December 9 2020, my Dad passed away with my Mom by his side.

On December 11 2020, on my 45th birthday was my Dad’s wake. On the same day, the FDA issues the Emergency Use Authorization for the first Covid 19 vaccine.

On January 6 2021, was the staged insurrection over the election fraud, 3 years 3 months after the calm before the storm announcement–Robin Bullock was there and spiritual warfare broke out.

On March 15 2021, I moved to an apartment in Woodstock. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

On May 22 2021, I tweeted a video containing footage from the movie 300 on the 126th anniversary of NIU’s founding.

On July 17 2021, Robby Steinhardt violinist and vocalist for the prog rock band Kansas passed away.

On August 4 2021, A fire occurred at my complex in the building next door. One person died.

On August 7 2021, I saw Kansas at the McHenry County Fairgrounds in Woodstock which is walking distance from my apartment.

On September 12 2021, Christa Bullock gave the “Wakeup Sunshine” message which brought me back to my Youth Encounter days.

On October 7 2021, Joe Biden is in Elk Grove Village where I was born and raised encouraging vaccine mandates that some may consider as the mark of the beast. However, what the Prophets of the Lord are saying is it’s an attack of the body of man–The first of 3 steps. The other 2 steps involve the soul and the spirit. God created man in His image on the 6th day. The image of God includes body, soul, and spirit. This is where the number of the beast is derived from in Revelation 13. The mark of the beast is all about corrupting the image of God and causing man to bow down to the beast.

On October 11 2021, I saw a double rainbow in Crystal Lake.

On October 15-16 2021, Church International team was in a NYC meeting with 300. More spiritual warfare and there was a double rainbow.

On October 18 2021, I watched the Ends of the Earth movie in Crystal Lake. Something was just discovered but not realized until later.

On October 24 2021, at Church International I was called a witch and given an ultimatum by the Word of the Lord in front of the world through Crista Bullock–The 917 Society was present.

On November 1 2021, I realize now how much I need to meditate on 1 Corinthians 13 which I never would have understood why unless I went through the calm before the storm…

On December 5, I realized the significance of the 4th dimension and the 4 winds…

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I have a degree in technology from Northern Illinois University. I have experience working in operations, technical drawing, food delivery, and ride sharing. I've also been involved in the music industry in both cover and original bands playing the bass.

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