We Are Not Receiving the Whole Truth About the Florida Shooting…

I’ve listened to a lot of talking heads regarding the Florida school shooting from various perspectives along the political spectrum and I’ve yet to hear what I think is the core matter regarding all of these mass shootings. I’ve heard the q anon community call it a false flag which I think it most definitely is and I’m about to describe indicators that make it apparent that this shooting is deeply rooted in luciferian occultism. The information I’m about to provide is personal yet it also reflects what has gone on in history. Some may view this content as a diary of a madman but it should be noted that there is in fact evil in the world and the only way evil wins is if good people do nothing and remain silent. To be begin this tale, I need to take the reader back to the Summer of 2000. I was in a band called 42 Faces. We went to a Christian Music Festival known as Cornerstone in Bushnell, IL. We didn’t play there but certainly aspired to and watched some of the other bands. Now I should say that there was internal turmoil in the band and I attribute it to being unevenly yoked. It’s something I should have seen but that’s the thing about being in a band, priorities become mixed up. Anyways, I remember speaking with Glenn Kaiser, the founder of Cornerstone and REZ, about some issues in our band and he told me what I kind of knew. There was spiritual warfare that needed to be addressed in our band. To be honest those issues never were truly resolved. Now a couple of us spoke with an organization we used to volunteer with and we were told they were in dire need of volunteers. Three of us got together to discuss the matter and it was ultimately agreed amongst the whole group to sign up with the organization for the upcoming year. Even after signing, there was division. One guy thought we would be in a region closer to home which I knew probably wouldn’t happen based on a previous stint with the organization. Another guy was upset that we had to give up playing a festival that featured big name Christian acts and potentially we could have gained some industry contacts. In retrospect, I’m glad that didn’t happen because we were definitely not a united group. Another issue that I look back at and realize that the organization was manipulating us was the fact that we couldn’t market ourselves as 42 Faces. I received a call from an office team member and I remember them asking me, and I’m not sure if anyone else was asked this question, if I was ok using the standard team name instead of 42 Faces. In retrospect, I wish I gave a different answer than what I gave because the organization would not use our name in any promotional materials. The reason I think this was a big deal was a standard team consisted of both guys and girls not all guys like us. I believe churches thought we were a normal team and not a band of all guys. I blame myself for the bad reviews for agreeing to not use our name but also blame the organization for not making this clear upfront to all of us and foreseeing the negative ramifications. Now we had some good times on the road and I really thought we were doing good work in spite of the bad reviews. There was some occasions where we stepped on some toes but perhaps those toes needed to be stepped on. You may be wondering what this has to do with anything. Well this is where it gets a little bizarre. We travelled pretty much the whole southeast part of the country and wound through Florida for about 3 weeks in October and November–Before the controversial presidential election. We were in most of the counties where there were reports of hanging chads and voter fraud–Including Broward County. I couldn’t believe how closely contested Florida was and how only a few votes determined who would be the President. I can’t escape the thought that if we weren’t in Florida, might the outcome been different. Then would 9-11 not happen, and might we have not gone through a decade of senseless war? For years, I thought this because I did have conversations with people about how bad Gore would be as President. A new thought has emerged in my mind however. After the shooting yesterday, I now see that I was not the reason for all the evil that occurred in the first decade of the new millennium. I see that incident was preplanned by the dark forces and the luciferians have weaponised true knowledge. I may have argued against Gore, but if I was for Bush I was only for what he campaigned on, not what he did. This all came true to me after the shooting yesterday because I certainly am not for evil, but evil will follow you regardless of where you are or where you are going. You need to rely on God’s truth and not allow evil to prevail especially where evil rears its ugly head…

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I have a degree in technology from Northern Illinois University. I have experience working in operations, technical drawing, food delivery, and ride sharing. I've also been involved in the music industry in both cover and original bands playing the bass.

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