Patterns Manufactured By Intelligent Entities…

To start off, the information provided here is not meant to uncover any specific operation or demonstrate intimate proof of communications amongst the deep state or shadow government, good or bad, its only meant to prove the existence of patterns that perhaps may be part of some operation or a form of communications delivered by deep state players, good or bad. It could also be fruits of a spiritual civil war that has been ongoing since the time of Adam and Eve.

In Q post 2537, the 68-95-99.7 rule is mentioned, which simply stated when something occurs, it’s a random occurrence. When it happens again, it’s a coincidence. A third time a pattern emerges and if it continues it becomes mathematically impossible to be classified as simply a coincidence.

I’ve think I’ve identified patterns over the last couple of years involving sports, primarily scores in baseball and football, that appear to correlate with current and historical events. In addition, there has been some events in the news and online chatter of a particular event that was to take place in Seattle on 11-3. This particular event was also more than likely known about by the Q-team based on the timing of when Q went dark for 93 days which for one would be a signal to the players involved. November 3 can be interpreted as 9-3 due to the latin root novem=9. Also, Q returned from its 93 days of darkness on 11-2, the day before this event was to occur. Are we taunting the deep state or us normies trying to decode all this?

In the past year, I’ve decoded 2 specific patterns involving Major League Baseball and College Football where there is also correlating data involving President Trump. Not only that, when analyzing further, the data bleeds into events and Q drops in November of this year.

Earlier this year on May 17, the Chicago Cubs defeated the Washington Nationals 14-6 as shown here:

On May 23, the NY Mets defeated the Nationals 6-4 as shown here:

There are a couple of things to notice that have more to do with the teams involved and the dates. First of all, May 17 and May 23 in 1969 were the release dates of the Who’s ‘Tommy‘ in the US and the UK. Also in 1969, the Cubs were in first place for most of the season, however, the Mets eventually took over first place and won the World Series that year.

When you reverse the above displayed scores you get 6-14 and 4-6. POTUS DJT DOB just so happens to be 6-14-46. It seems like we’ve moved beyond just a simple pattern that cannot easily be manufactured by unintelligent or random entities. Now it should be noted both the Mets and Donald Trump are from Queens, and HRC was born in Chicago. The Cubs won the World Series the week before DJT won the 2016 election over HRC. See the pattern?

I think there is a hint President Trump was giving at the Whitehouse ceremony to congratulate this year’s WS Champs which likely points to Q Post 3525:

President Trump mentions the Nationals record of 19-31 which was their record after losing to the Mets on May 23 which when removing the outer 1’s what’s left is 9-3. This is mentioned at the 0:11 mark in the following video:
WS Champs @ Whitehouse

It should also be noted that AG Barr turned 69 on that same day. What are the odds of his birth year also being 1950? All this information may seem spooky, but it gets even spookier.

On June 14, POTUS DJT turned 73 and the Nationals defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks 7-3:

Could this be a micro-fulfillment of Genesis 3:15 — …I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed. He will crush your head, and you will strike his heel…

I’m not saying POTUS DJT is the Messiah, but I believe he could be like Moses standing up to Pharaoh.

Now just to make sure that this isn’t all coincidence, who was the team the Nationals defeated to win the World Series? The Houston Astros in which if you have been paying attention, another major event occurred 50 years ago in 1969. NASA (supposedly) reached the moon and the legendary giant leap for mankind was achieved. Houston, we have a pattern.

Now it’s time to look at another example of what I call patterns manufactured by intelligent entities. It happened on 11-9 of this year and it focused on 3 college football games involving the top 4 ranked teams. The patterns also correlates with the 3 baseball games mentioned above.

There was also and interesting tie-in with specifically ESPN Gameday, POTUS, and QAnon. The week before ESPN Gameday was in Memphis on 11-2 where Elvis resided and built his music empire. On Friday, President Trump did a rally in Tupelo, MS which is where Elvis was born. QAnon started posting again on 11-2. Leading up to this, there was all this chatter about an attack in Seattle on 11-3. Seattle is the seat of King County in Washington state. Elvis was known as the King of Rock n Roll. For the history buffs, George Washington rejected the notion of being made king and instead became our nation’s first POTUS. It appears the pattern here is to point out the Whitehats were well aware of the Seattle 11-3 attack.

The following week ESPN gameday was at Tuscaloosa, AL and President Trump attended the LSU-Alabama game. I don’t know how many people noticed the Alabama helmet with 17 on the Gameday set, but there was something else I noticed that involves the outcomes of the 3 games involving the top 4 teams:

Right away, what’s noticeable are 3 numbers that were seen in the 3 mlb scores–14, 46, and 73. The missing number is 6, however it can be extracted by what appears to be another pattern involving the results of the LSU/Alabama and Penn St/Minnesota games. Each team’s score was 26, 31, 41, and 46. If you ask a third grader what is the missing number, I would bet an uber fare from O’Hare to the Loop they would say 36. What is the square root of 36? 6. So just like the 3 MLB scores with each game correlating with interesting dates having results with POTUS DOB and age, these three scores also bring similar results.

So, is all this information simply random occurrences or coincidences? Allow me to analyze further.

The ranking of Minnesota is interesting not just because 17 equals Q, but also the Gophers were ranked 17, 2 weeks earlier when they were matched up against one of the other teams on the board–Maryland.

The head coach of Minnesota, PJ Fleck was a wide receiver for NIU in 2003, the year the Huskies won 3 ‘boneyard’ victories–2 of which came against Maryland and Alabama. Is it merely a coincidence those 2 teams scores mirrored each other–Maryland 14 and Alabama 41?

If that’s not enough, what are the odds of NIU winning those 2 of 3 boneyard games 16 years ago and the current number of boneyard victories is 16. Guess what the potential next boneyard victory could be against–Maryland on 9-12-20. Could NIU get its 17th boneyard victory against one of the 3 teams NIU collected 3 boneyard victories 17 years ago?

Just to cement how important the number 17 is actually, the margin of the first game involving #1 Ohio St and unranked Maryland was 59. 11/9 is the mirror of and is 59 days after the infamous date on the calendar 9/11. 59 just happens to be the 17th prime number.

In conclusion, it can’t be known at this time what or who is actually behind these patterns. However, any logical thinker that understands when there are more than just a few correlating outcomes, the possibility of the cause of the effects must be made by an intelligent entity or entities of some kind. Could this be part of eliminating the concept of atheistic evolution out of existence because these principles that are happening in and around these games we can also see in nature…

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