Going Forward in Order to Look Back…

I need to go back to a Q post where Project Looking Glass was mentioned and the phrase “Going Forward in Order to Look Back” was used.

I may have been the only person in the western hemisphere on the outside looking in that saw a possible coded message. It involves the NIU vs Toledo football game and a shooting in Santa Clarita, CA that same week. NIU played at the Glass Bowl in Toledo on Wednesday 11-13 and the shooting occurred the next morning 11-14. Now the coded message may have been about a planned attack that was discussed on the internet in Seattle on 11-3 that may have been replaced by the Santa Clarita shooting.

The Santa Clarita event happened 141 months to the day after the NIU tragedy. I watched a video on YouTube by Marty Leeds that just happened to be episode 141 on his channel.

In this video, he discussed the 2015 Economist magazine cover with the politicians and other strange optics and caricatures. I noticed some things that pointed to other optics. Some may think I’m crazy however when analyzing all the data, its hard not to see the patterns.

First of all, NIU had there 113th homecoming game against Akron. Akron is home to the Goodyear blimp and many noted the use of the Goodyear blimp pertaining to the planned 11-3 Seattle attack in predictive programming. There is also a drone on the cover that could be thought of as a small version of the Goodyear blimp.

Some may think this is a stretch, but when looking at the rocket car then combine it with the turtle and the red&white battery, the NIU CEET Supermileage team featured in the Shell Ecomarathon and Jay Leno’s Garage suddenly come into view. That all happened in 2015–Seems like a pattern to me.

It’s possible that this was confirmed by Whitehats with NIU’s 2 final scores with the understanding that in the Eastern Michigan contest the last name of the EMU QB is Glass.

NIU loses to EMU 45-17 — 45 is POTUS 17 is Q. Next NIU defeats Western Michigan 17-14. Now in the Marty Leeds video he talked about 14 phalanges in the human hand. At the start of every 4th qtr, NIU football players hold up 5 fingers in rememberence of the 5 victims in the 2-14-08 event. Plus if you add the 2 NIU opponents scores you get the number 59–17th prime number.

So you can see that these 2 scores appear to confirm how the planned 11-3 event in Seattle was probably replaced by the Santa Clarita 11-14 event. POTUS and the Q team likely either made a secret deal with the black hats to avert another 9-11 type event or they had intel that allowed them to prevent the attack to occur. Either way, we know nothing happened that got us into a broader conflict. I also think in the press conference about the Al-Baghdadi capture and demise, all the dog references were clues and comms to patriots who can read between the lines. It’s plausible they got the necessary intel at the compound.

This is how the deep state, both good and bad, are playing 9D chess and making moves and countermoves behind the scenes. The whitehats must have preknowledge of all this which explains why Q posted about Project Looking Glass.

What is further confirmation for me is the “Going forward in order to look back” phrase. One of the lines of NIUs fight song is — Forward together forward there’s victory in view. It shows how the whitehats seem to know what’s ahead and it is a tad reminiscent of the famous Q phrase — Where we go one we go all…

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