Mike Lindell is inviting credentialed cyber experts and public officials to South Dakota on August 10-12 which will be livestreamed on during the whole symposium. Hopefully, the capture packets will be displayed for public online viewing and I also am hoping to see results from audits in Arizona and other places right before, during, and/or after. All this information will than be sent to the Supreme Court and we should at least get a ruling on whether the election was in fact stolen by foreign and/or domestic entities. If that’s the case, I believe, because I’m not a constitutional scholar, the electors would have to be recalled and new electors may be selected based on the true results. I don’t know if this is what would happen, but I think an amendment to the constitution should be done to make this happen. With the Dems currently in power that’s not likely to happen unfortunately…

Rand Paul was grilling Dr. Fauci regarding the gain of function research at the Wuhan Lab in China. Fauci vehemently denied Rand Paul’s accusations claiming Dr. Paul didn’t know what he was talking about. This is a problem when scientists say too much through the media, however, it was displayed in FOIA emails from Dr. Fauci’s email account that we were not getting forthright information from the nation’s highest paid public employee. For those paying attention would note how much the goal posts keep changing. We went from being told this virus was started in a wet food market to seeing in one of Fauci’s email’s that a small portion of this virus looks engineered. I do think this is just theater, however, because I don’t see the current AG doing anything with it…

Regional & Local

I don’t know how much more obvious they can be to me with what they are doing. We have 2 RINOs at the January 6 Insurrection Congressional Hearing masquerading as serious public officials reviewing an event many compare with the events of 9/11 in a “bi-partisan” committee. These 2 individuals pictured above represent the districts the 2 college football teams shown below are slated to face off each other on September 11 about 8 months after the 1/6 event and on the 20 year anniversary of the events of 9/11. Both members of congress will be primaried and likely voted out. The optics here are breathtaking with these 2 and add to the fact Liz Cheney is the daughter of Dick Cheney, VP at the time of 9/11, and Adam Kinzinger is an Air Force Veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. No way anyone can tell me all this information is just random and I can’t figure out why anyone else has not picked up on this, particularly with the recent news in college football regarding Texas, Oklahoma, and the SEC…

Keeping with the sports theme here in this section, I had to make light of the decision the Cleveland MLB franchise decided to make recently. It’s not enough for the Woke crowd to ruin franchise identities, they now have to mock Christian metal fans in this process. So I have a question for the Woke crowd — Next year at the Guardians, SMH, home opener will Jamie Rowe sing the National Anthem and will Tony Palacios throw out the first pitch. Question must be asked and must be answered. After all, where is the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame located??

Science & Technology

Even in this article there seems to be questionable information. First of all, the headline leads the reader to think the vaccine is not very effective. However, when looking at the key points a double dosage is more than doubly effective. But then reading further into the article, an infectious disease professor is quoted, “We have to be mindful that, with time, the effectiveness of these vaccines may wane,” Does this mean we need to take dose after dose after dose… of this vaccine? Can you see why many are skeptical of this vaccine and those pushing it??

It certainly is not about science and facts, but it is also about technology which is why I included it in this section. If you believe any of these Tony Stark wannabes actually went to space with their toys and spaceships, I have property on the moon to sell for you to buy. When reviewing these videos they definitely got better at faking the earth’s curvature when compared with other videos obvious use of go-pro, however, getting up to low earth orbit is not proof that they reached space when recently Science has stated the moon is in the earth’s atmosphere. To quote LA Marzulli, “What is the Truth??”

Finance & Entertainment

I had to re-upload this video on Rumble and boost it on Facebook, just to see reactions and also if there is any validity to what YouTube is saying here. This video actually does contain cyberbullying, but it was directed at me and I was only highlighting it. Plus I was cyberbullied again in the comments in Facebook after this video was boosted in April 2020. Now, full-disclosure, I also reciprocated the cyberbullying and some may have thought I crossed a line. My thought is if you poke the cubby, be ready to be poked back…

This month’s inexplicable parallel pattern is something that is definitely hard to explain how it can happen but a pattern is also definitely shown when observing particular details. Robby Steinhardt, violinist and vocalist for the prog rock band Kansas, passed away on July 17. Now I started a mini-thread on Facebook without knowledge of his passing on the same day because I found out Kansas is playing less than a mile from my apt complex at the McHenry County Fairgrounds on August 7. I uploaded a video that contained the pilot episode of the Chosen and music recorded by Rich Mullins in a church in Elgin. The pattern that has emerged here is Rich Mullins was on his way to Kansas when he passed away on an Illinois interstate and the last line of the song by Rich Mullins I used in this video from the Chosen was “Feels like the devil put a STONE in front of my HEART, Can you roll that stone away…” When analyzing Steinhardt, STEIN in German translates to STONE in English. Need I say more??

Scripture of the Month…

Do not be afraid of them, for the LORD your God Himself will fight for you…

Deuteronomy 3:22

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I have a degree in technology from Northern Illinois University. I have experience working in operations, technical drawing, food delivery, and ride sharing. I've also been involved in the music industry in both cover and original bands playing the bass.

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