You know the swamp is still rearing its ugly head when they defend the actions of the Biden administration removing the military before civilians. We keep hearing some politicians in DC saying there is no easy way to pull out of Afghanistan. So the way the current administration did it by having to re-deploy troops in to get civilians out plus leaving behind billions of dollars of armaments to a radical regime was better than Trump’s plan to bring civilians out first, military last, and blow up all the remnants of artillery? I don’t think so…

A full report was supposed to be submitted to the Arizona Senate on Monday, August 29 but members of the Cyber Ninjas team that conducted the audit were down with Covid. Seems about right considering everything else happening. So more delays and we still have other states to do what Arizona is just about to complete. Will they get it all done before 2022 or 2024? Your guess is as good as mine…

Regional & Local

16 years prior on the same date, Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc in the bayou region. There was massive deaths and damage done. George Bush was blamed for what happened. Not as much death reports from this storm but with all the flooding and power outages there will be a hefty price tag for all the damaged caused by Ida. Will the same party that blamed Bush in 2005 for lack of leadership blame Biden for all the damage to the infrastructure? Doubtful…

Guess what kiddos, now that school is back in session the most tyrannical state in America is mandating masks indoors. If you think this is about flattening the curve or preventing the spread of a spiked version of the flu, I just want to remind you that in a restaurant when you are seated this virus is not contagious because no one wears a mask while sitting at a table. I don’t know how much more we can devolve but we must be getting close to rock bottom…

Science & Technology

Now the authoritarians have a tool at their disposal to gain more control of our lives and livelihoods. This is one step closer to the mark of the beast and if we let them they will make it so we have to show proof of vaccination to buy or sell which would still technically not be the mark of the beast, however, this small step enables these authoritarians to take a giant leap toward that ultimate goal of complete control…

Numbers don’t lie, I don’t know how I can verify these numbers, but they do tell a story. The truth in Illinois is Biden received about 3.2 million votes and Trump got 2.7 million votes–A difference of 0.5 million. The lie is Biden got 3.5 million and Trump received 2.4 million–A difference of 1.1 million. In Ohio, the truth is Trump got 3.4 million and Biden received 2.4 million–A difference of about a million. The lie is Trump received 3.2 million and Biden got 2.7 million–A difference of about 0.5 million. So the numbers are in reverse with respect to the actual vote counts and the differences in each state. There are no coincidences…

Finance & Entertainment

For several years, rumors have been swirling about 4 super conferences in college football which would only be good for the behemoths and bad for the rest. My hope is the Big 12 can still be in the current power 5 arrangement and the group of 5 can remain competitive with ultimately getting an automatic bid in an expanded CFP format. Why the behemoths are opposed to this idea can only be explained by shear gluttony and pride. If they do get what they want, an effective breakaway civilization from the rest of college athletics, look for this to also occur in the political sphere…

In this month’s inexplicable parallel pattern, I thought about using something I saw from the 11th Hour, but when I saw this I thought this has to be it. Track 7 on the album from 42 Faces Escaping Normal is the song “The Way Truth & Life”. Now if you believe someone would do this without knowledge of something, you may need to become wide awake to the middle of truth…

Scripture of the Month

Jesus replied, “Truly, truly, I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again…”

John 3:3

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I have a degree in technology from Northern Illinois University. I have experience working in operations, technical drawing, food delivery, and ride sharing. I've also been involved in the music industry in both cover and original bands playing the bass.

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