Even Alexander Vindman who was at the center of controversy with the Trump Ukraine call, he is of Ukraine descent but I digress, thinks General Milley crossed the line with giving aid and comfort to an adversary, that being China. One must ask the question, why would Milley tell his counterpart in China that Trump was not going to attack China? Did Trump have a reason other than if China invaded Taiwan??

The Afghan debacle may go down as the worst military mistake, perhaps only going into Iraq may have been worse. Our military has been in Afghanistan for nearly 20 years and to see the country go back to the Taliban, but worse to watch 13 marines killed and other atrocities occur after evacuating the military before civilians has got to be the one of the worst decisions if not the worst decision made by officials in the federal government…

Regional & Local

Probably the best news for pro-life advocates in decades is the Texas Heartbeat Law went into effect on September 1 this month. This will save thousands of lives and if other states follow Texas, it will save millions and hopefully put many abortion doctors out of business…

It’s not a done deal, but the Bears have come to an agreement with the Churchill Downs Corporation that owns the property where Arlington Park is located to purchase the property. When the closing occurs likely in 2023, the Bears can begin to break ground and build a stadium that will likely be used for the team but also the Super Bowl, Final Four, College Football, and other events will be staged there. This means the Northwest Suburbs become a little bit like Las Vegas which has its pros and cons. I personally think the pros will outweigh the cons as the site will be more of a Sports and Entertainment hub rather than a gambling mecca like Las Vegas. As far traffic is concerned, the NW suburbs already have traffic problems so will this really make it that much worse??

Science & Technology

The mainstream media were giving false information regarding the cyber ninja audit report stating that the data from the audit confirmed Biden’s victory. However, data was showing from the report that there were 5 times more irregularities than the margin of victory from the November election. We will see what the Arizona Attorney General will do, but the general public have not been served well by any mainstream media outlet…

A whistleblower from the Health and Human Services was interviewed by Project Veritas and gave recordings of conversations from government healthworkers. The recordings are not surprising to me, what is surprising is legacy media will not pick up the story and do interviews with the same individuals saying things like what is in the headline above but also the fact that adverse reactions are not being reported as they are supposed to be to the VAERS website. This type of criminality which is probably more aligned with the Bill Gates agenda is likely intentional. However, it gives more credibility to those that believe in small government proving those that are supposed to have are best interest in mind in fact do not…

Finance & Entertainment

After looking at populations of Jacksonville and Buffalo, both metros combined are equal to the size of the city of Chicago. It would mean either franchise would be in a bigger market even if the Bears move to the suburbs. The Chicago 6 county metro has 8.4 million people and can easily accommodate a 2nd NFL franchise. The question is Soldier Field a better venue for either Jacksonville or Buffalo. I would say yes and the city would do itself a disservice if they did not attempt to bring in one of the 2 small market franchises. This would also make it easier on the Bears leaving knowing they aren’t vacating Soldier Field negatively impacting the local economy…

This month’s Inexplicable Parallel Pattern shows 2 games final scores identical involving 2 teams that were projected to square off after week 1 in the Arizona Bowl–Consider the Arizona Audit. After week 1 Brett Murphy projected NIU vs Fresno State in the Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl in Tucson. In week 2, Fresno State beat Cal Poly 63-10. In week 3, Michigan beat NIU 63-10. The following Friday the Arizona Audit Report dropped. These are not coincidences; This is an Inexplicable Parallel Pattern that demonstrates that we are likely living in a video game…

Scripture of the Month

There are many more things that Jesus did. If all of them were written down, I suppose that not even the world itself would have space for the books that would be written…

John 21:25

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I have a degree in technology from Northern Illinois University. I have experience working in operations, technical drawing, food delivery, and ride sharing. I've also been involved in the music industry in both cover and original bands playing the bass.

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